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this our chameleon
21 February 2020 @ 09:04 pm
On Friending: I'm always willing to make new friends. If you comment and let me know why you want to be friends, I'll probably add you back.

My LJ: In this journal, I mainly post about my life, novels or poetry I'm reading, my mental health problems, kink, and animals. I have PTSD (among other things) and I try to warn for upsetting posts, but I don't do it entirely consistently.

Fandom: I tend to be active in a lot of different fandoms. My long-term love is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I am fond of many things.
this our chameleon
hey hi hello hi!

I am excited about this fest. Literally anything you write for me will be PERFECT because it will be about STAR TREK and FRIENDSHIP. I am going to give you a prompt for each friendship because I know people may find that helpful, but feel under no obligation to follow it. Write whatever you want, I know I will love it!

<3 justwolf / foxship

Ezri Dax & Kira Nerys Shortly after Ezri arrives on DS9, Kira spots her fighting nausea in a turbo-lift, and gives her a traditional Bajoran remedy.
Jadzia Dax & Benjamin Sisko What things does Jadzia do that remind Benjamin she's still the Dax he knew? OR Jadzia and Benjamin end up babysitting Kirayoshi.
Jadzia Dax & Quark During a quiet Tongo game, Jadzia and Quark start playing for each other's secrets instead of playing for latinum.
Kathryn Janeway & Kes Janeway doesn't think it's fair to burden anyone with her problems. And yet, Kes has a way of drawing her out...
Kathryn Janeway & Seven of Nine Seven teaches Janeway a new skill--dancing, archery, riding, stellar catography--something Janeway never had a chance to try before.
Keiko O'Brien & Kira Nerys Keiko likes to think they'd still be friends even if they didn't both love Kirayoshi. She invites Kira on a trip to a Bajoran moon with the kids.
Kira Nerys & Benjamin Sisko So what do you and a major figure in your faith talk about at a baseball game? What even is a hotdog, anyway?
Odo & Quark Odo needs to ask Quark for help.
this our chameleon
14 October 2013 @ 09:24 pm
Dear Author,

Hi! I've done Yuletide a few times now, and what it's taught me is that I'm utterly crap at writing this kind of letter, so I'm sorry if this is not as helpful as it could be. But I'm really excited about Yuletide, and I hope you are too! I know having a prompt can really help you when you're trying to come up with something, so I'll try to be as useful as I can. Please feel free to ignore everything I say--I honestly want you to have a good writing experience, and any fic for any of these fandoms will make me very happy!

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